Saturday Night Vibes

Shook! Kuala Lumpur presents a unique sensory experience on Saturday nights. 312-50V10 Featuring a contemporary dining concept and live entertainment in a stylish space, let your senses feast on the eclectic Cirque du Culinaire of exquisite Asian and European cuisines including fresh bounty from the sea at the seafood buffet. 250-428 Feast on our stars on the plate for the month, oysters and abalone, while grooving to original music performed by some of the country’s finest musical talents.

Dinner : 7pm to 10.30pm at MYR 168 nett per person
Live Performance & Happy Hour : From 9.30pm (1 For 1)


December 1, 2018


True to their name, The Voltage Band never fails to deliver an electrifying performance.

The band, made up of young but seasoned artistes who came together to form the band over a year ago consists of Wafi and Iffi on vocals, Anis on guitar, Jay on bass, Ady on keyboards and Zarul on drums.

Their experiences and abilities make them a truly versatile band, being able to perform a wide range of repertoire from the oldies to the latest Top 40s, R&B, soul, ballads and funk.

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December 8, 2018


Michael Jackson wrote some of his songs on a tree, George Michael conceived the Careless Whisper saxophone break on a bus, and closer to home, N the Boys’ 1980s monster hit Dua Insan Bercinta sung by Malaysian female rock singer, Ella, was conceived in a washroom at the Bier Keller Bar in Section 16, Petaling Jaya. That was just the beginning.

Lord, the band leader began to write other hits for Ella N The Boys such as Hanya Secebis Jawapan and the band rocketed to fame in the Malaysian music industry. Ella N The Boys split up in the mid-90s.Five years ago, Lord felt the need to resurrect The Boys and the band is now simply called N The Boys.

N The Boys consists of Lord on guitar, Ayie on bass, Soon King on guitar, Satiman Ismail on keyboards, Hashim on drums and Yati Mohd on vocals while Nadia of Akademi Fantasia frequently makes guest appearances during their performances.

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December 15, 2018


The name says it all – Skyhigh has a mind to express themselves openly through music without limitations. Their passion and experiences put them at the top of the list of club bands in Malaysia. The band has a wide repertoire ranging from R&B to rock and from oldies to the latest top hits. The combination of powerful vocalists makes Skyhigh arguably one of the best bands in Malaysia.

Their ability to interact with audiences from all ages and demographics makes Skyhigh a truly entertaining live band package indeed. Skyhigh is backed solidly by Sham Skyhigh on guitar, Saiful on bass guitar, Izzamir Faarhan on keyboards, Saiful Hizam Othman on drums and Sasha as main vocalist.

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December 22, 2018


Icon Band is a six-piece band consisting of Joe, band leader and drummer, Syuha on female vocals, Luke on male vocals, Huzali on keyboard, Pian on guitar and Salleh on bass.

The band is all about soul and energy and their repertoire consists of a wide selection of current Top 40 hits as well as funk, pop alternative, r&b and soul music. Passion and persistence are the two keys to best describe the band as musicians. Icon Band’s speciality is to hit the night with slow dinner ballads followed by electrifying’ pumped up beats to get the crowd rocking and partying all night long.

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December 29, 2018


Credit Limit, formerly known as Xzotic Band, was formed by six talented musicians, comprising two lead singers, Nash and Balqis, Alan on bass and backup vocals, Shafiq on drums, Eky on guitars and Eric on keyboards. Their performances are inspired by Stevie Wonder, Babyface and Joss Stone to name a few. Through their musical journey, they have made their reputation through funk music, lyrical rap and R&B as well as other related genres. Their repertoire consists of a wide selection of current Top 40 playlists, encompassing groove, funk, R&B and soul and pop.

With both Balqis and Nash’s powerful voices, coupled with their ecstatic energy on stage, the mood and feel of the audiences are always energised and lifted. They have made many appearances in various clubs such as Hard Rock Cafe Penang, Beach Club, Mango’s Changkat, TREC House and Culture Club & Beer Pong in Sarawak.

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