Saturday Night Vibes

Shook! Kuala Lumpur presents a unique sensory experience on Saturday nights. Featuring a contemporary dining concept and live entertainment in a stylish space, let your senses feast on the eclectic Cirque du Culinaire of exquisite Asian and European cuisines including fresh bounty from the sea at the seafood buffet. Feast on our stars on the plate for the month, lobsters and prawns, while grooving to original music performed by some of the country’s finest musical talents.

Dinner : 7pm to 10.30pm at MYR 158 nett per person
Live Performance & Happy Hour : From 9.30pm (1 For 1)



July 7, 2018


A well-established band with more than a decade of experience, The Big Band is one of the most prominent and sought-after bands hailing from Malaysia. They are also well-known for performing chart-topping tracks with their own personalised musical touches. Their musical influence consists of a wide selection of Top 40 playlists from the 90s to current numbers by artistes such as Shakira, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Prince and Beyoncé.

In 2004, they came in third place in the inaugural Rentak Juara Finals 2004 organised by Radio Television Malaysia and was also one of the finalists in the Rock Unite Band Competition in 2006.

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July 14, 2018


Begum Husna’s love for music has been part of her DNA throughout her life. Her performances have taken her through several genres where she has been wowing audiences with her amazing vocals - a voice that crosses from soul to jazz to rock and into R&B.

Begum Husna encapsulates everything that a vocalist should be; versatile, powerful, sultry and sometimes just plain amazing. It was because of her musical ability that she was chosen to represent Malaysia in Los Angeles for the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) 2016 to which she succeeded in reaching the finals.

Begum Husna has formed her own band, Astra (formerly known as True Colors) who crafted and blended their own mix of soul and funk angles on pop, jazz, soul, disco and funk classics. The five-member band's strength of musicianship coupled with Begum Husna's voice, draw audiences of all ages as most of these members have their own followers.

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July 21, 2018


The name says it all – Skyhigh has a mind to express themselves openly through music without limitations. Their passion and experiences put them at the top of the list of club bands in Malaysia. The band has a wide repertoire ranging from R&B to rock and from oldies to the latest top hits. The combination of powerful vocalists makes Skyhigh arguably one of the best bands in Malaysia.

Their ability to interact with audiences from all ages and demographics makes Skyhigh a truly entertaining live band package indeed. Skyhigh is backed solidly by Sham Skyhigh on guitar, Saiful on bass guitar, Izzamir Faarhan on keyboards, Saiful Hizam Othman on drums and Sasha as main vocalist.

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July 28, 2018


BTRU Band is a young and energetic group that mainly consists of two front liners, James and Nina and on rhythm section, Eddie and occasionally along with other band members as well. For their upcoming Saturday Night Vibes performance, it will be expanded to include Hafiz as guitarist, a well-known sessionist.

Their music is influenced by alternative 90s rock and Top 40s club hits such as of Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Adele, Mariah Carey, Bruno Mars and Pitbull. The BTRU Band is not only known for electrifying performances but also as one of the better Top 40s acts in town. Nina, with her powerful voice and range coupled with James’s ecstatic energy on stage, ensure the mood and feel of the audiences are always alive while they make covers sound effortless. Eddie on keys always wins the fans with his energetic rap songs and together with Nina, they amuse and entertain their audiences with their current chart-topping tracks and lively choreographed dance steps that make them one of the most prominent and sought-after bands hailing from both Malaysia and the Philippines.

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