starhill culinary studio

Located on Starhill Gallery’s Muse Floor, the 12,000 square feet Starhill Culinary Studio provides inspiring hands-on culinary experiences in a professional and stylish environment right in the heart of the city. Starhill Culinary Studio is a modern private event space for group culinary activities where guests can indulge in a discerning lifestyle of food and beverage from a unique perspective.


The opportunity to learn a range of enriching culinary skills is made possible with the specially curated classes that can be embarked as an activity to do with colleagues as a team bonding experience or socially with family and friends. In-house and partner specialists from the industry are brought in to lend their expertise to these classes. The relaxed environment is made up of contemporary and state-of-the-art studios.

Culinary Studios

  • The Show Kitchen and Hot Kitchen are spaces where live demonstrations and interactive classes are held.
  • Wine education and tastings are conducted at the chic Wine Studio.
  • The Baking and Pastry Studios are refreshing spaces where you can learn to create delectable high quality desserts, pastries and breads.

Dining Room

The Private Dining Room is a cosy space where you can delight in the dishes and desserts that you have just learnt to prepare. Every experience at Starhill Culinary Studio is engaging and enjoyable – it is an environment designed to inspire. Imagination is the only limit to what can be created at Starhill Culinary Studio, Kuala Lumpur (KL).