In celebration of its 13th anniversary this year, Enak KL reopened in a new location within Feast Village Starhill Gallery, in the heart of Bukit Bintang, with a promise to serve authentic Malay cuisine through its thoughtfully curated menu. The well-established modern Malay restaurant is now centrally located in Feast Village, making it even more accessible to guests. Relish in harmoniously balanced flavours that are distinctively Malay – today.


In keeping to Enak’s signature of serving only traditional Malay flavours, the chefs continue to pay homage to their culinary forefathers while still paying attention to the intricacies of food presentation. The new Enak continues to deliver heartwarming classics of Malay cuisine through the skilled and long-time chef Rani bin Ghazali. The recipes will not just continue to revolve around age-old ones that have been passed down through the generations, but also feature a new and exciting selection to explore.

In this, ever-popular dishes such as sup ekor and ikan asam pedas keep their place on the menu. They are joined by exquisite new flavours in dishes such as the kerabu jambu air ikan bilis. The newly introduced Bakar section of the menu features fresh fish grilled over an open coal grill, and wrapped in banana leaf with a terutup glaze or simply seasoned with salt and pepper. Another new addition is the serawa durian the king of fruits simmered gently in coconut milk and palm sugar, and paired with steamed glutinous rice and roti jala.

Dine in comfort enveloped by the warmth of the earth tones and textures that adorn Enak, accompanied by the flavourful aroma that fills the air. The new Enak KL promises an unforgettable dining experience for all on every occasion.


  • Kerabu jambu air ikan bilis
    Rose apples, air-dried anchovies, lemongrass, chillies, honey, lime juice
  • Satay
    Chicken or beef skewers, grilled on an open coal fire, chunky savoury
    peanut sauce
  • Sup Ekor
    Tender oxtail in a rich savoury broth, star anise, cardamom, cloves,
    bird’s eye chillies
  • Grouper in Banana Leaf
  • King Prawns with Salt and Pepper
  • Ayam Percik
    Grilled spring chicken, creamy coconut sauce
  • Serawa Durian
    Durian, fresh coconut milk, palm sugar, steamed glutinous rice, lacy pancakes

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